Setting up a company

Price for establishment Ltd. company is € 249 and includes

  • Free consultation for all actions related to the establishment of a company
  • Preparation of all documents (Certificate of Incorporation or The Memorandum of Association, declaration of honour, declaration of administrator deposit, etc.) necessary for setting up a company
  • The payment of law charges, which is normally € 300,-. Our company, thanks to technology advanced electronic signature pays only € 150,- so you save money
  • File application for registration of trade, respectively other business license
  • Preparation and registration in the Commercial Register
  • Registration of the corporate tax income
  • Issue of the invoice, which you can include into the cost of newly established company

We can offer you additional discount of 50 €, if we account your new company during all year.

Other expenses related to the establishment Ltd.

  • Fees for issuing trade licenses: € 0 for every free trade, € 7.5 for each regulated or craft business. Verifying signatures ( € 3 for the Register Office, or € 13 at the notary public for a company with one statutory representative and shareholder)
  • The registered capital of the company is € 5,000

Options of payment of the registered capital

  • To the bank account - the minimum amount of 2500, - Euros (if ltd will have 2 or more shareholders), 5000, - Euros (if ltd will have one partner)
  • Contribution in kind - car, real estate, machinery, inventory, etc .. On the subject of deposit is required to commission an expert´s opinion

From 01.01.2016 you can not to pay of the registered capital to the bank account.

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