Group courses

Who is the course for?

For everybody who is interested in double-entry bookkeeping. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Graduates and students gain strong knowledge of accounting. The course is also addressed to the entrepreneurs who would like to have their accounts under control.

What is the aim of the course?

  • To understand the basic rules of accounting, taxes and payroll accounting
  • Clients receive an overview of accounting for assets, receivables, liabilities, payroll accounting in concrete examples from practice
  • They will be able to deal with all necessary accounting documents
  • They obtain an overview of the preparation of the financial statements - income statement, balance sheet, and about the calculation of profit/loss and corporate income tax

Advantages of the double-entry bookkeeping course

  • A small number of students in a group - max. 5
  • The course takes place in an interactive way - the student can ask questions at any time
  • Obtaining more information than for group courses in less time
  • Course adapts to the requirements of students
  • Opportunity to address certain issues with which you need an advice
  • Specific examples from practice
  • Pleasant environment with refreshments

Information about the course

Number of course hours: 30 hrs. (3 times per week)
Days of the course: Mon, Wed, Fri from 8:30 to 10:55
Base price: € 159 paid no later than three days before the course

Discount 20 € (price rate € 139) paid 2 weeks before the course

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